Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve been working on lately:

1.  A new type of in-app notification has been added, emailing the user the date and time the device disconnected from external power and the last recorded location of the vehicle. This notification is also found in the Timeline widget in the dashboard.


2. In the Route functionality, at the generation period selection step, the “Set current date” button has been added to the calendar. It allows the user to quickly set the route end date to be the current date and time.

3. The KML Export format is now also available for Optimized routes. Viewing the route in KML format is possible using the Google Earth application.

4. In step 2 of generating the Daily Drive Report, the option “Just movements within schedule” has been added. Once activated, the report will show only the journeys made by the selected vehicles, in the previously selected schedule. This option is only visible if the Trip purpose is active.