tibbett logistics

About the company

Founded in 2010 and acquired by the Japanese company Yusen Logistics in 2016, Tibbett Logistics offers intermodal logistic solutions and extended services for the management of supplying for auto, DIY, food, textile, retail industries and other sectors in Romania and several other regions in South-East Europe. The expertise in supply chain management, logistics, storage, transport and distribution, international freight transport and co-packing have constituted the main activities that have insured the constant growth of the Tibbett Logistics business.

The purpose of the company is to offer services of the highest quality in safety conditions and to meet the strict transport and distribution requirements of its customers.

Challenges Arisen

Tibbett Logistics owns a fleet of 130 vehicles alongside semi-trailer tarp trucks, semitrailer  controlled temperature (bicameral/tricameral) trucks, shipping containers and intermodal containers used in various transport operations. For the actual freight, the company uses 20 tones trucks that deliver an average of 5000 pieces a day.

Managing such a large number of vehicles, of daily operations and the impressive volume of freight represents an extraordinary challenge for the auto park management team. All these aspects have triggered the need to find a solution for the proper surveillance and monitoring of the semitrailer trucks due to both security reasons as well as abiding by the rigorous conditions of freight.

TrackGPS Solution

Thus, in order to meet the need of Tibbett Logistics to monitor both the semi-trailer trucks as well as the freight they transport, TrackGPS  has begun the implementation of the monitoring and management solution. It was enacted at the beginning of the year and it addressed the real time management and cost control of the transport activities.

The solution represented a great step towards the optimization of the fleet activity, but there was still the issue of the semi-trailer trucks´ lack of monitoring while they were detached from the tractor. 

Consequently, 6 months after its implementation, upon the Tibbett Logistics management request, the TrackGPS team developed a personalized solution. It allowed the company to monitor the location of the semi-trailer trucks online en route, as well as when they are detached from the tractor, more specifically when they do not hold an energy source to allow the monitoring through classic hardware equipment.

Benefits after implementation

The solution consists in installing magnetic sensors for the doors and internal battery ATS equipment that are autonomous up to 4-5 days.

These sensors record all the loading/unloading operations of the opening and closing doors. Thus, the fleet manager has all the needed tools to identify any unwanted event such as theft or sabotage.

Moreover, the application generates complete reports of attachment and detachment of the tractors, making the identification of such unidentified operations transparent.

Last but not least, it offers data on the location or distance covered by the semi-trailer trucks in a certain amount of time.

Using these sensors, the monitoring and control have become more rigorous, without being conditioned by the permanent connection to the tractor.

In this manner, the impossibility of tracking the distance covered by these semi-trailer trucks, obtaining information on their whereabouts in real time and the data on the opening and closing of the doors have been covered.




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