Driver Identification

Vehicles in a fleet may be driven by different drivers, according to driver and vehicle availability. Therefore, vehicle tracking it is essential.
TrackGPS Driver Identification feature offers you the possibility to identify in real-time who is using a certain vehicle, where and for what purpose.

Driver Identification feature is based on a RFID card system with led and a “buzzer” that is to be installed on board of each vehicle connected to the GPS tracker. The buzzing sound can be heard at the moment of the vehicle’s ignition and ceases when the authentication is validated, the status light turning green.

From a technical point of view, you may choose between two versions of this solution. One involves the identification of the drivers, and the second, more complex, gives access or denies the ignition of the vehicle’s engine on the basis of an authorized user card.

Upon implementation, each driver receives an authorized user card which, by a simple touch of the user, validates and keeps records of the driver in the TrackGPS system. Should the driver fail to identify himself with the authorized user card, starting the vehicle or silencing the “buzzer” shall not be performed.

Driver Identification solution helps you save time, be in control and provides security for each of your company’s vehicles.

Efficient fleet management

Justification of working hours for each driver and each vehicle

Control of vehicle overuse

Increase of employees’ safety

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