Utility vehicles

Utility vehicles

Companies that activate in industries such as courier services, refrigerated transport, freight transport usually make use of utility vehicles (vans) in order to carry out their daily activities.

Each company is looking for the most effective methods to monitor and manage daily activities with the purpose of gaining a competitive advantage.

Better route planning in order to arrive in due time at destination, real-time monitoring of each vehicle, transport safety and driver’s behaviour monitoring are just some factors that have major impact on the quality of the services and the operating costs.

Therefore, TrackGPS solutions are ideal for this type of vehicles. TrackGPS gives you the possibility to cope with all the challenges that you have to face daily, contributing to higher quality of services and lower operating costs.


  • Driver Behaviour

    Driver behaviour real time monitoring.

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  • Driver Communication

    Good communication between dispatcher/fleet manager and drivers using TrackGPS Communicator.

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  • Driver Identification

    Recommended feature for companies where a vehicle is used by several employees or an employee uses several vehicles in carrying out his daily activities.

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  • Safe Drive

    Provide fleet drivers’ safety using the assisted defensive driving.

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  • eToll

    Automatic payment of the road tax in Hungary using HU-GO platform.

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  • Controlled Temperature & Humidity

    Feature for temperature monitoring and strict control over cargo transportation environment.

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  • CAN reading

    Board computer data real time tracking.

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  • Secure Transport

    Feature for real-time vehicle tracking, generating special reports and setting alarms or notifications.

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